Figleaves- great lingerie, not always so great service

One of the websites I buy the most lingerie from is, mostly because their webshop has sooo much lingerie. You can find a variety of brands, colors, types of bras, and the price differences a lot. What I like even more is that you can rate a bra after you bought it and tried it at home. That way you can learn beforehand if something should be ordered in a size smaller than usual, and that’s just great. The only thing I would complain about when it comes to Figleaves is their customer service. Once I had to return an item because I ordered it in the wrong size. I called them to make sure I put the right returning label on, but the girl I talked to was very unfriendly and basically said “why didn’t you order the color you wanted in the first place”. Very unprofessional! I checked out what overall rate their customer service had on, and it was pretty good. But maybe I was just unlucky the day I called? Besides that incident though, I’ve always been happy with my products and orders from Figleaves.

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