Glamorousamorous – lingerie you never seen before

I recently stumbled upon this amazing lingerie website, which ships to the UK. The website is called and the reason why I love it so much is that they have lingerie I never have seen before. They sell lingerie from independent designers that you normally don’t hear much about. If you’re in the mood of buying something that you won’t find anywhere else, this website is the place to do your shopping. At first look I thought the website looked a little weird, so I had to check out if it was a reliable website. I visited Uk-Customerservice to see what rate their customer service had. It was pretty high, but not many people had rated it. however, I decided to take a risk, and it paid off. I myself bought the most amazing bra from the designer Fred & Ginger, and I absolutely love it. It a gold satin bra with lace and you hook it up in the front. The bras are however on the pricier side and I paid £70 for my bra. But since lingerie is something I love shopping, I thought it was an okay price for something that unusual. So if you want to buy something spectacular, and don’t mind spending money, this is the next website for you.

Glamorousamorous - lingerie you never seen before

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