Luva Huva’s organic lingerie

Nowadays in the UK it’s hard to find clothes or lingerie that isn’t mass-produced by large companies with their factories placed in other countries. To many people this doesn’t really matter, but if you’re a person who is concerned about the environmental impacts these mass-producing factories can have, it’s hard to find a store that produces environmentally friendly products. However, one of my friends recommended me this online lingerie shop Luva Huva, and I was just amazed! All Luva Huva’s products are handmade(!) and solely made by organic materials. From an environmental standing point, I thought this lingerie shop was something extra spectacular. Before I ordered a lingerie set I checked out how high rate their customer service had,  and it was really high. The set I ordered was really comfy and very soft. However, if you prefer underwired bras, this is not the shop for you. Luva Huva basically only sells soft cup bras. Also, I would say that Luva Huva’s overall design is more focused on the comfy and sweet style rather than the sensual lingerie style. However, I’m super happy with my set and it feels good to know that the material I’m wearing is organic.

Luva Huva Logo 2012

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