Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I know it’s more than a month ago they had the latest VS Fashion Show, but for me this is something I literally wait for every year. I just love the whole concept about it; the lingerie, the angels, the music, and everything else that comes with. I know people are critical to how thin the models are, and other things like that. However I don’t really care about the models, honestly. I know that’s why many people watch the show (mostly guys), but I’m only interested in the lingerie itself. Some of the pieces each year are not even lingerie, it’s pure art! VS Fashion Show is like Christmas of lingerie! It’s like a whole celebration of what I love the most, and it’s amazing. I am already waiting till next year to see what they come up with, and which artists will accompany the models in the show. too bad it’s almost 11 months left…

Victoria Secret fashion show

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