Wearing nice underwear can make anyone feel attractive and fresh

Wearing nice underwear can make anyone feel attractive and fresh. Even if no one except the person wearing the lingerie will ever see them, the feeling alone can make carrier feel confident. So what is nice underwear? This question has as many answers as people using them. Endless preferences when it comes to style and taste. Some like to keep it simple with white, comfy, cotton underwear. Others prefer eccentric  colors, satin or lace. And the lingerie business is huge. Look at the publicity that Victoria´s secret´s fashion show receives each year. Lingerie says something about a person.

There is a medical condition, quite unknown that is seldom addressed and that can have a great impact on the sense of freshness that a person experiences. We are referring to excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis. It causes severe sweating anywhere on the body without high temperatures or physical effort. The amount of sweat can be so large that it starts running down the patient´s skin in just a few seconds. Excessive sweating in palms and feet is a little bit more wellknown and can be treated, but not cured with either Botulinum toxine injections or iontophoresis devices that keep the sweating down with electrical impulses and has to be used once a week.

Few people know that hyperhidrosis can affect the groin/crotch area and the private parts as well as the chest, back and armpits. If this is the case, a person doesn´t feel fresh no matter what underwear they buy. It is important to know that these areas also can be treated, even though not cured, with Botulinum toxine injections.

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