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Welcome to my blog! I started this blog for two reasons; first of all I love the idea of being able to share your thoughts and tips worldwide, and second of all I have a huge passion for lingerie. Some of my friends would describe me as a shop-a-holic, and I agree to some extent, at least when it comes to lingerie. Anyway, to be able to find as many different lingerie stores as possible, that both shipped to the UK and also had large variety of lingerie, I had to spend hours on google to find them. I’m convinced that more people in the UK loves lingerie as much as I do, and therefore I decided to start this blog. I realized that there are no good websites that collects all this amazing lingerie stores I’ve found over the years, so therefore I decided to provide the world with one. I will post tips of different lingerie stores that I buy from, in hope of inspiring other people to explore the lingerie fashion. Since lingerie can be pricey, I will also try to guide you to some stores that aren’t as expensive as others. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful! Thank you for visiting!

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